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A story about toms outlet brand and charity

When we speak Toms Shoes, the Blake Adams McCaw’s tour of Argentina have to be talked.During the Argentina trip, he found that many local children do not have shoes to wear, so he decided established Toms outlet brand in 2006 , and promised every customer who bought a pair of Toms shoes outlet, they will send a pair of shoes to children in poor countries or regions worldwide. From 2006 to 2010 after it established, Toms shoes outlet sent out one million pairs of toms shoes for children in poor countries and regions.The Toms website priced at $ 50, so the sales will not be bad, it guranteen that the company will be able to support this charity event has been sustained, and with the activity continues, the strength of mouth spread so cheap Toms shoeswill allow a better brand and reputation, forming a virtuous circle.

They have been through the "buy one get one free" ONE FOR ONE constantly about this form with their brand-related stories, six years cheap TOMs been spreading so that every child can not wear toms shoes this simple desire, but also in Toms convey the brand's message, but this is the power of word of mouth brand story, so Toms did not spend a penny of advertising to obtain extraordinary success.

Why Toms shoes is so popular

Recently TOMS shoes are gradually being known to the young, not only by street beat up people, stars of the favorite, and often you can see traces of it in the streets and magazines.Cheap TOMS shoes has been its comfortable fascinating impressionistic style, simple and easy to ride with style and super comfortable wearing feel constantly fame, a new generation of fashions.

Simple wild line design, trend changes. TOMS Outlet canvas uppers with a classic front toe design, V-welt easy to wear cheap TOMS classic leather insole to ensure comfort perspective latex arch support insoles provide extra power, mixed integrally molded rubber outsole, ductility, durability and taste , coupled with the full beauty of the flower pattern, random collocation can find their own fashion.

Braided rope sole coupled with a striped pattern, tidal flavor and gives a feeling of rustic simplicity; classic pure black textured bring others cool taste, you can try different styles on the match.

TOMS shoes outlet has been advocating lazy comfort first, using environmentally friendly materials, wear it shopping tourism have no pressure. Every time you buy a pair of TOMS outlet known, they would send a pair to a child in Africa. Comfortable to wear but also to help others.

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